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We have all spent most of our lives tweezing, waxing, threading, filling in, drawing on, hiding scars and trying to achieve that perfect arch or that perfect shape.

If you’ve been thinking about Microblading then you’ve come to the right place.

At AK Microblading we strive to ensure that all of our clients receive the most exceptional service. During the entire Microblading process we are very attentive and extremely sensitive to our clients needs and comfort level. We are highly detail oriented, and we are constantly striving for perfection. We guarantee that every client walks away a happy client.

At AK Microblading of Midland, MI safety and quality come first, we specialize in giving you fuller brows whilst ensuring your brows match your natural shape.


Owner / Semi Permanent Makeup Artist


Is Microblading Right For Me?

If you have or are looking to achieve one or more of the following below, then visiting AK Microblading may be the answer you’re looking for.

  • I have sparse brows

  • I have over-plucked my brows and they haven’t grown back

  • I want to have fuller and thicker brows

  • I want to change my brow shape

  • I want a more natural look than I can achieve with make up

  • I want to have more definition in my brows

  • I want to change my natural brow shape

  • I want my brows to look more symmetrical

  • I want to wake up with my brows ready to go every morning

  • I want to save time and money

image2 (1).jpeg

Microblading is a form of a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed using, a manual, disposable hand held tool.


Ombré brows or Powder brows is a cosmetic semi permanent makeup technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to powder makeup.

image0 (17).jpeg

This Machine Hair Strokes technique creates the same realistic hair-strokes effect as Microblading, but with a machine rather than a hand tool.


Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup.

image0 (18).jpeg

Combo Brows is a form of permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoo), where both the Microblading technique and Powder/shading are combined.


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Makeup Artist, Microblading, Nano Strokes/Machine Strokes, Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, Combo Brows, Lip Blush, Lash Lifting, and much more!

Due to Covid-19, I decided I build my studio at home to better protect my clients, my family as well as myself. It is certified and approved by the Midland Health Department and the State of Michigan. It also has a separate entrance for your convenience. The entire studio and restroom is sanitized and cleaned after every appointment because health and safety is our top priority.

I put my trust in Areen and she did not disappoint! She chose the right tones for my eyebrows and lips then completed the look with my lashes. She is caring and professional

Anna L.

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