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Areen Khoury, Owner | Permanent Makeup Artist

My love and passion for what I do shows in the quality provided and how my clients feel after they have a service done. I’ve helped hundreds of woman gained their eyebrows back, but mostly importantly gain their confidence and love for themselves. It is truly a wonderful experience seeing my clients cry tears of joy once they see their final results.


My personal guarantee is wanting you to achieve your brow goals and I won’t stop until they are met. I am fully certified semi permanent makeup artist with a deep understanding that every single client is different than the other. My approach is never the same which is why my clients send their girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and neighbors to me for their brow needs. I am truly blessed to be in this position to change many lives and never take it for granted. I am one phone call or message away to talk brows.

I truly love working on people’s eyebrows. I’ve been at it since August of 2018 . I’ve always said that you cannot underestimate the value of good brows. They can throw everything off or they can bring everything back into balance, symmetry and harmony. Every appointment is wonderfully unique because every person is unique. My approach is to both focus on the brows and to focus on getting to know the person in front of me. I respond to the needs of the moment. Some clients come in knowing what they want and some have no idea at all. I listen to my client, get their history, see where they are today, and together we decide on what direction we’re going to go in. Some people really just want a minimal clean up and some people really want them sculpted. I can do all of it! I’m so grateful to have a career that I love where others get to enjoy the work that I’m doing. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and to help you achieve your brow goals. To my existing clients, I can’t wait to see you again soon and to my Potential clients can’t wait to meet you and achieve your brow goals . 


With Love 


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