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Lip Blush

Includes Checkup after 6-8 weeks

  • 3 hr
  • 600 US dollars
  • 1515 Lee Street Midland MI 48642

Service Description

1. What is Lip Blushing? A semi-permanent tattooing technique similar to eyebrow services, like microblading and microshading, lip blushing deposits colored ink into the lips with a mechanical needle, creating a look that is similar to lip coloring cosmetics, such as lip stain, colored lip balm and lipstick. The look can also give the illusion of full lips. The mechanical needle is used in a way where the artist’s hand is quick and consistent as it moves, making the needle go in and out of the skin as it imbeds pigmented dots (that aren’t too deep) into the skin. This procedure causes little to no pain. The purpose is to provide the lips with a subtle flushed color while also shaving down the time it takes to do your makeup, as the lips will already be colored. This isn’t to say that you can’t still apply different colors to your lips, but it would be more optional since you’d already have color. This procedure is fit for lips that are pale or lack color. 2. How to Prep for Lip Blushing Appointment Prepping for your lip blushing appointment should happen several weeks prior to your initial procedure. A few days prior to your appointment, apply a lip scrub to get rid of dead skin, then top it off with your favorite moisturizing lip balm to be sure the lips are smooth, as that allows the pigment to be even and allows the lips to heal properly. It’s recommended that you bring certain lip colors or photos to show what color you’re looking to get. We will help with shade matching to make sure the results are similar to what you’re looking for and that it matches your skin tone. You should avoid alcohol at least a day prior to your procedure, as well as aspirin and ibuprofen, as they can cause blood thinning and can make the area feel more sensitive. You can instead take Tylenol. Be sure to avoid vitamin e and fish oil as well. If you’ve had cold sores prior to your appointment, you must get a prescription from your WHAT SHOULD YOU CONSIDER BEFORE THIS PROCEDURE? DELAY your session if : - You have had alcohol, caffeine or any stimulants a day before procedure. - You have had aspirin, niacin, Vitamin-E, or Advil/Ibuprofen a day before the procedure. - You have a tendency to develop cold sores/herpes, an anti-viral prescription is needed 2 days prior to getting permanent lip color treatment. - You have a scheduled vacation in two weeks. - You have Botox or Fillers within the last three months. Price includes both sessions and the aftercare kit .

Contact Details

  • 1515 Lee Street, Midland, MI, USA


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  • 3 hr

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